Freaks Out - VFX Breakdown by EDI
Freaks Out - VFX Breakdown by EDI

Freaks Out - VFX Breakdown by EDI

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Freaks Out - VFX Breakdown by EDI

Check out this amazing & insightful VFX Breakdown "Freaks Out" by the talented team at EDI. For more information, please see the details and links below :







Freaks Out is a 2021 Italian historical-fantasy drama film directed by Gabriele Mainetti. It was entered in the main competition at the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

All the visual effects of the film were supervised by EDI in the person of Stefano Leoni , Visual Effects Supervisor and partner of EDI, and Elisabetta Rocca , Visual Effects Producer, who after sharing the effects realization with two other European companies managed and coordinated the creative and logistical aspect of the entire and articulated project, just as happens in the productions of American Studios .

The team of over one hundred artists, in synergy with director, editing, photography, scenography, special effects and stunts, has worked on over 1200 shots full of visual effects including set extension , creation of digital creatures , superpowers, enhancement of bombings and battles. , culminating in the spectacular scenes that characterize the epilogue of the story, made almost entirely in computer graphics.

"Freaks out opens with two sequences with a strong visual impact: on the one hand the circus show, on the other the brutalityof the bombing of the war. We started collaborating with the director right from the first draft of the script, imagining together how to visually tell the story, the superpowers of the characters and their constant evolution. In fact, our intervention can be seen from the very first scenes of the film: the four protagonists perform in the circus showing their powers when at a certain point the circus is bombed. Gabriele Mainetti's goal was to give great impact to the tragedy of the war through the camera in a sequence shot immersed in explosions and destruction. Thanks to the pre-production study of the scene, we connected the sequences by adding pathos and drama until the bell tower collapsed .I also want to underline the great work done with Gabriele for the realization of Matilde's luminescence and Franz's dream » says Stefano Leoni .

EDI for Freaks Out has created a substantial number of “creatures” such as bees, grasshoppers, fireflies, butterflies, flies, cockroaches and scorpions. To complete their animation, the managers of the EDI Zoo section conducted a meticulous anatomical study that required the construction of digital skeletons and joints that, as in biology, support the other layers of the creature making its movements realistic.

“Making compelling CGI creatures that can compete with the global market is possible. EDI creature after creature is proving that it is possible to produce quality products in Italy that increasingly aim for excellence. For some years EDI has been populating a creature shop with basic models of various animals, which can be animated according to the customer's needs » , explained Giuseppe Chisari , Creature Supervisor recalled to Italy after experiences in DNEG and WETA.

The whole operation, from the first sketches to the final result, took months of work to make the insects moved by Cencio credible, such as the swarm of bees that invade the train car or the cockroaches that draw the swastika in Franz's laboratory.

The CEO of EDI, Francesco Grisi , is satisfied with the work . «In this film we were able to express our creativity at 360 degrees. Freaks out is a film that will make the history of Italian cinema, a film that has marked an important chapter in our journey. If I stop to think and remember where my partners and I started from, where we have arrived is a place that we like! Personally, it gives me satisfaction to read the credits at the cinema, but this time I advise everyone not to get up and look at them all the way! ».

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