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Loki - VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX
Loki - VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX

Loki - VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX

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Loki - VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX

Check out this amazing & insightful VFX Breakdown "Loki" by the talented team at Rodeo FX. For more information, please see the details and links below :

Rodeo FX touched many aspects of this mysterious adventure with the mischievous Loki. We achieved invisible but magical set extensions and then contributed a lot of fun plot devices used by the TVA or “Time Variant Authorities” including time doors, time sticks and reset charges.

Rodeo credits

VFX Supervision - François Dumoulin,Julien Hery

VFX Production - Mélanie La Rue

VFX Executive Producer - Chad Nixon

CG Supervision - Josée Chapdelaine

FX Supervision - Dominik Kirouac

Animation Supervision - Bernd Angerer

Compositing Supervision - Brandon Blevins

Client credits - Marvel Studios

Director - Kate Herron

Overall VFX Supervision - Sandra Balej

Overall VFX Production - Allison Paul

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Loki VFX

Loki VFX Breakdown

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