Detention - VFX Breakdown by Renovatio Pictures
Detention - VFX Breakdown by Renovatio Pictures

Detention - VFX Breakdown by Renovatio Pictures

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Detention - VFX Breakdown by Renovatio Pictures

Check out this amazing & insightful VFX Breakdown "Detention (Fanxiao)" by the talented team at Renovatio Pictures. For more information, please see the details and links below :


In 1962 Taiwan during the White Terror martial law period, Fang Ray Shin, a female student at the hillside Greenwood High School is attending counselling with teacher Mr. Chang, and they gradually fall in love. It was a dangerous period where sensitive books were banne:d and free speech were restricted, but Mr. Chang secretly organised a study group for banned books, together with fellow teacher Miss Yin and male student Wei Chong Ting.

Concept Design | Title Motion Design | On-Set Supervision | Visual Effect

VFX Supervisor – Tomi Kuo

VFX Producer – Peter Huang

Head of Technical Director – Willy Fan

CG Director – Young-H Lee

CG Supervisor –Yung Chen

FX Supervisor – Willy Fan

Animation Supervisor – Bird Chen

FX Consultant – Jonny Wang

Look Dev Consultant – Ken Lee

VFX Coordinator – Hulk Chen Alice Hsieh Wen Huan Li Zi Hao Wang

Compositing Lead – Faye Hsieh

Look Dev Lead – Danny Lee

Digital Artist – Faye Hsieh,Yung Chen、 Alice Hsieh、Judy Chu、 Joy Wu、 Roters Zeng、 Hulk Chen、 Layla Wang、 Tang Chen、 Jia Yuan Jiang, Chia Yu Shu

3D Artist – Yung Chen、 Roters Zeng、 Joy Wu, Jasmine Jiang

FX Artist – Tang Chen, Roters Zeng、Fox Huang

CFX Artist – Shawn Ma、Fox Huang

Matchmove Artist – Hsuanyi Fang ,Roters Zeng、 Alice Hsieh、 Layla Wang、 Molly Suno、 Whale Su, Yu Cha

Lead Modeler – Danny Lee、 Chih-Che Chai、Abao Chen

Rigging Artist – Layla Wang、 Jia Yuan Jiang、Ginobili Wu、Zong Yi Su

Senior Animator – Tian Dada、 Michael Lu、 Layla Wang

Assistant Animator – Damon Wang

Roto/Paint Lead – Hulk Chen、 Wentao He、 Sunny Zhang

Roto/Paint Artist – Faye Hsieh、 Alice Hsieh、Judy Chu、 Chia Yu Shu、 Jia Yuan Jiang、 Joy Wu、 Wen Hao Li 、Ya Qin Lu 、 Shuang Sun 、 Wen Po Tian、 Xiang Nan Wang、 Yi Xuan Wang 、 Xu Chen 、Ru Zong Yan 、 Zhen Yan Yuan,Xue Feng Zhang

CG Concept Designer – (GinLu) Chi Chun Lu

Concept Artist – Pin Jung Chen

Storyboard Artist – Bruce Chou

On-Set Supervisor – Tomi Kuo

On-Set Assistant – Hulk Chen、 Eric Fei

Administrative – Angel Huang、 Moira Lu

VFX 協同 VFX Associate – John Hsu、 Peter Huang

Pre-Production Associate – Steven Su

Interns –Guan Hao Pan、Che Esun Chuang

Detention VFX Breakdown 返校:特效幕後分解

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Detention VFX Breakdown

Fanxiao VFX

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