A Motorcycle that runs on Hydrogen! ? Innovative CGI MoGraph Short: "HYDRA" - Andre Taylforth
A Motorcycle that runs on Hydrogen! ? Innovative CGI MoGraph Short: "HYDRA" - Andre Taylforth

A Motorcycle that runs on Hydrogen! ? Innovative CGI MoGraph Short: "HYDRA" - Andre Taylforth

TheCGBros Presents "HYDRA" by Andre Taylforth - The Hydra Bike is a design study on the hydrogen powertrain of the future for motorcycles, it's designed from the inside out, where the internal components dictate the visual appearance. The goal is to create a versatile and sustainable powertrain that can be easily adjusted to suit different motorcycle styles, such as scrambler or street bikes. Hydrogen power is potentially seen as a viable alternative to electric powertrains, as it's more eco-friendly and abundant in the universe. The animation of the Hydra Bike dares to challenge the status quo of typical automotive adverts, showcasing the revolutionary potential of hydrogen power combined with a more dystopian and artist vision for the future of motorcycling, pushing the boundaries of what a motorbike can look and feel like. For more information, please see the details and links below:


André Taylforth - https://www.instagram.com/andretaylforth/

- Twitter https://twitter.com/andretaylforth

- https://www.youtube.com/@andretaylforth (handle @andretaylforth)

Anton Brousseau - https://www.instagram.com/antonbrou/

Anton Guzhov - https://www.instagram.com/anton.guzhov/


Animator/ CGI: Andre Taylforth

Motorcycle designer: Anton Guzhov

Motorcycle designer: Anton Brousseau


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