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CGI Animated MoGraph: "Elevation" - by Mondlicht Studios | TheCGBros
CGI Animated MoGraph: "Elevation" - by Mondlicht Studios | TheCGBros

CGI Animated MoGraph: "Elevation" - by Mondlicht Studios | TheCGBros

Check out this awesome MoGraph "Elevation" - by the talented Mondlicht Studios - Mondlicht Studios is proud to present "Elevation" – a two-minute video and a series of posters created by our team for Motion Design Awards. Our team is thrilled to get a chance to contribute to the development of MDA and the motion design community.

The events of 2020 locked us in our homes and relocate our lives much more into the digital space. That inevitably accelerated the changes we see today – creativity influences our world through the screens. Motion Design Awards' global mission is to help designers and studios worldwide to get their work noticed. So, we came up with the idea to combine two worlds – the real one and the digital one. Nowadays, they influence each other more than one could ever imagine. For more information, please see the details and links below:


Director, Concept Artist, Compositing, Post-Production: Zhanna Travkina

Producer: Maksym Khirnyy

Modeling, R&D: Nikolay Okolita

Concept Artist, Modeling, Animation, Compositing: Arthur Nalobin

Concept Artisi, Modeling, Animation, Compositing, Character Animation: Rafael Coppola Defelippe

Cloth simulation: CreativePeople Typography

Music: Niccolò Chotkowski


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