AQUAMAN Visual Effects | Before & After

Some Before & After photo of AQUAMAN movie showing how VFX ILM, MPC,
Scanline, Iloura ... created Visual Effects for the feature film.
Producer Kimberly Nelson LoCascio wrangles two VFX supervisors and
multiple VFX houses to help deliver more than 2,300 visual effects
shots for director James Wan’s take on the DC Comics super hero.

2,300 visual effects shots made it into the theatrical version handled
by two visual effects supervisors. “Kelvin McIlwain [Furious 7] was on
the movie for the full time, while Charles Gibson [Babe] was on during
the shoot. The studio was incredibly supportive in  particular Walter
Hamada and Geoff Johns at DC and Anne Kolbe at Warner Bros. We worked
closely with ILM, MPC, Scanline, Iloura [now part of Method Studios],
Method Vancouver, and Rodeo FX in Montreal. It was a constant collaborative
process. James, Kelvin, the editor [Kirk M. Morri], and I would assemble
in the screening room and review all of the work. Then we would do a weekly
screening with the studio so they would be included and understand exactly
what we were doing and where we would be headed.”

Ref: CG Record

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