Watch CGI & VFX Reel - by Gode VFX

Check out this latest rel from the talented Jakub Goda, showcasing a collection of works that were done in recent years in Gode VFX.
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Music: Devlin - watchtower

(18-28.sec) Transport for london - retouching & art direction by Radoxist studio
(42-43.sec) arup visual - art direction by Radoxist studio

(29-35.sec) OSF holocaust day - retouching & art direction by matus bence
(49-52.sec) Saris beer visual - photography & retouching by matus bence


jakub goda - daniel lestak - stefan gura - ales zvolanek - gabriel dinis - dominik mateasik - brano adamcik - milos jakubec

(57-1:04.sec) ants - vfx by stefan gura

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