Short Film: "Crossbreed" by Objectif 3D

While a teenage girl and her little brother are alone in their home a robotic creature crashes through their door after being chased by a rogue paramilitary. Unbeknownst to them this robot also carries an unusual Infection. "CrossBreed" was created and produced by a talented group of students while attending the Objectif 3D french School

Objectif 3D
3D Artists: Daphné Bonneau, Cheyenne Malfait, César Marcorelles, Bastien Fanucci, Maxime Gruet Masson, Jophray Mikolajczyk, François Troadec, Mathias Veratoro, Gauthier Laurens, Mélanie Vacherie, Gael Vallet, Clément Cacchionni, Jérémy Martin, Elodie Thomas, Jérémy Blasco, Julien Giraud, Alexane Guth, Eugénie Holgado, Adeline Roosz, Pauline Treyer,

Voices: Claire Astoul, Mathilde Cassard, Nicolas Sanchez
Music: Benoit Maillet,
Sound Design: Frédéric Abrial

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