Digital Art Symposium - by ABAI | Bengaluru

Announcing “Digital Art Symposium” an event for the exposure of digitisation for all fine art colleges who are & who can be a part of DAC(Digital Art Centre) project, the flagship project of ABAI supported by Govt. of Karnataka..!! An unique initiative which aims at digitising all the fine art colleges across Karnataka..!! 27 colleges done.. many more to go..!!

"Digital Art Symposium" is a wonderful initiative by ABAI and supported by Govt. of Karnataka for all the wonderful artistic people around.

This only by invite event will see 700+ people from fine art colleges who are a part of our Digital Art Centre project or those who can potentially benefit from it.This skill Karnataka event will provide exposure to digital means and help digitalisation of the fine art colleges to keep up with the advancements digital art trends & technology!



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