International Award Winning Movie

1.Winner-7th Dada Saheb phalke international short film festival
2.Winner-6th Kolkata international short film festival
3.official selection-jaipur film world, 2017
4.official selection-Twin Lion international short film festival

The story follows a Russian photographer, Adrian, who returns to his home country after the war. It is a story that deals with the aftermath of war and also delves into the inner psyche of the main character. The journey of hope and rebirth, as Adrian witnesses various horrors and relives the trauma that made him look at only the darker side of life .
In a time of great disaster, Adrian has lost all his faith in mankind and feels there is no good left. This is when a small girl's efforts in creating a simple snowman, even after repeated failure gives him a glimmer of hope and he understands how to find even the smallest of joys in an ocean of despair.

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